Traveling Around Kosovo by Bus

bus station pristina kosovo
Bus station in Pristina, Kosovo

Bus is probably the most common way to travel around Kosovo. While some of the bigger cities have buses that travel between them, Kosovo’s capital of Pristina is the main bus hub. In Pristina (as well as some of the larger cities like Prizren and Peja), you can also catch buses to other countries, like Macedonia and Albania.

bus station map pristina kosovo
Map of the bus station in Pristina, Kosovo

The cost of travel varies depending on where you are going, but it’s usually between 50 cents and 4 Euro (or more, if you’re traveling to another country). You pay in cash once you get on the bus.

Most buses have overhead storage for smaller pieces of luggage. Larger pieces are stored in compartments below the bus. This freaked me out the first time I had to store my luggage, but I’ve never had a problem with things getting stolen. (I look at it as a way to practice my faith in humanity/God/the Universe. ;))

bus storage
Luggage storage

The bus stations in Kosovo’s bigger cities are clearly marked (see above). Bus stops in villages are not marked, from what I’ve seen. You just kind of have to know where to go. If you need to ask a local where to catch the bus, the phrase to use in Albanian (Shqip) is, “Ku eshte stacioni i autobusit?” If I were going to type that out by the way it sounds, it would be something like, “Coo uh-sht stacey-oni ee auto boosit?”

Bus schedules in Kosovo are not entirely reliable, and you may find yourself waiting for the bus longer than you anticipated. It’s worth noting that buses do not have bathrooms, so plan ahead when you’re traveling. Some of the larger stations have public restrooms (some free, some cost 20-30 cents).

There are several websites/phone apps to check bus schedules in Kosovo. Personally, I use gjirafa.

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