Clothes Shopping in Kosovo

Recently, I bought a new shirt and a new dress while shopping in Pristina. This decision was fueled by several factors:

  1. I haven’t bought new clothes in a while.
  2. Shopping, as we all know, is a good cure for a funk.
  3. My counterpart had told me about this store in Pristina where everything is less than 5 Euro.
  4. I am going on vacation soon and wanted some new clothes.

I didn’t move to Kosovo with a lot of stuff. Here is a picture of my wardrobe. I have two shelves of clothing, plus my coats. That’s it.


I’ve been getting by just fine with what I packed. But by the time I leave Kosovo, I bet most of my clothes will be ready for the donation pile (or, maybe the garbage). Several of us have talked about stocking up on clothes before we leave Kosovo permanently, because clothes here are cute and cheap.

It is tempting to shop more, but being in the Peace Corps means I have to live within a small (tiny) budget. Since I’ve moved to Kosovo, I estimate I’ve spent less than 200 Euro on new clothes, and that’s including my new winter coat.

I keep a pretty close eye on my budget, though, so I can spring for new things every once in a while. I found the “less than 5 Euro” store my counterpart told me about, and indeed, everything is less than 5 Euro. I bought this new spring dress.

spring dress 1

spring dress 2

Most of the clothes I brought to Kosovo are neutral colored and without patterns. Part of the reason is that I wanted to look as conservative as possible here. I figured I would get enough attention as a foreigner. Also, I had been going through a “neutral” wardrobe phase in the months before I moved, anyway.

But, I am getting a little tired of dressing so plainly. This colorful, patterned shirt jumped out at me. It is really comfortable, and I like the hippy vibe.

hippy shirt

hippie shirt

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