Friday Gratitude: Spring Break!

Next week is our spring break and I am flying from Tirana, Albania to Rome and then on to Berlin! Which means … I am taking a week off from blogging. My next post will be Monday, April 17, 2017.

I am SO excited for vacation … spending time with friends, eating good food, and exploring two new (for me) countries in Western Europe.

Media Consumption:

  • In preparation for our trip to Rome, my brilliant friend Nicole (with whom I started a book club in Boston) suggested we read the same Rome-themed book beforehand, so we can have a mini “book club” discussion while we are on vacation. She suggested The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, since it is 1) short and 2) written by Tennessee Williams. Well, it is SO short I pretty much sneezed and finished the first half, and then sneezed again and finished the second half. I told Nicole that it’s “basically a pamphlet.” The story is about a wealthy widow who gets taken for a ride (quite literally, haha!) by a much younger, handsome, Italian man. As such, Nicole suggested we add the word “sexy” to the description. So, The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone is a “sexy pamphlet.”
  • I finished listening to the podcast “S-Town” over last weekend. This brings my lifelong podcast count up to four. It was well done, though it felt a bit long at parts. The story follows a New York reporter as he pieces together the suicide aftermath of an eccentric Alabama man he had befriended.
  • I finished reading Girl at War, a fictional story about a young girl’s experience during the Croatian War. Living in Kosovo (which, along with Croatia and six other countries, used to be part of Yugoslavia), the story felt very real. As a foreigner living in the Balkans, I sometimes find myself forgetting just how much war and violence this part of the world has recently experienced. (If you’re interested in reading it, at the time of this writing, Girl at War is only $1.99 on Amazon for Kindle.)

All right, peeps. I am off on an adventure! I’ll catch you on the flip side. (Which is, remember, April 17.) I’ll have lots to post about my vacation, so stay tuned! And if you miss me in the meantime, you can follow along with me on Instagram.

2 thoughts on “Friday Gratitude: Spring Break!”

  1. If you need a bacon cheeseburger, go to The Bird in Berlin, the Reichstag at night is beautiful and free, and the museum at Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is wonderfully done and gut wrenching at the same time. Everything in Rome is beautiful and worthwhile. Enjoy your trip!

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