Springtime Produce in Kosovo

Now that spring is here, the local produce truck has come back to my village.

Processed with MOLDIV

This is exciting, because it means the return of fresh, juicy strawberries. A carton is 1.50 Euro. When I used to shop at Mariano’s in Chicago, I think a carton was around $4.25. And the strawberries were not as plump as these. (Below is half a carton’s worth of strawberries. I ate the other half.)

fresh strawberries kosovo

All winter long, I’ve been eating peppers, pickles, and cabbage. And that’s about it in the fruits/veggie department. Stores still carry some fruits, like bananas and oranges, which are (obviously) shipped in from someplace else.

It is common for families in Kosovo, especially the ones living in smaller villages, to have their own gardens and farm animals. Remember when I wrote this post back in the fall, about the process of canning peppers?


I think I have single-handedly consumed the amount of peppers in the above-photo. Speca! Speca! Speca! (That means peppers in Shqip [Albanian].) I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say I eat speca every day.

A Person can only eat so many pickled vegetables before A Person wants to weep. I am excited by increasing food prospects now that winter is over. 🙂

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