Friday Gratitude: Sprung

The past several weeks have been joyful and surprising. I’ve met new people. I’ve seen friends I was not expecting to see. I took a trip I wasn’t expecting to take. I am so grateful for all of it.

Media consumption this week:

  • I re-read To Kill A Mockingbird while on vacation. I hadn’t read it since high school, and enjoyed it just as much this time around.
  • I started watching The Handmaid’s Tale. WOW. It is brilliant and terrifying. It has been keeping me awake at night. If you’re not already watching, I would highly recommend you start.  (You can watch the trailer here.) I read the book in college … I may have to re-read it once I finish the series.
  • Senator John McCain recently visited Kosovo and other Balkan countries, and here is what he has to say about America’s involvement in the region.

Also, today marks 11 months that I have been living in Kosovo! 🙂

In a month, the newest Kosovo cohort will arrive. I remember where I was this time last year: informing my employers (I had two jobs) that I was quitting, packing up my apartment in Chicago, moving my stuff (including my cat) into my parents’ house, and starting to say goodbye to everyone I love. I looked to the future and had no idea what my life would be like in just a few weeks.

If you’re reading this and about to head off to join the Peace Corps, take heart. You will find a way to survive and be happy.

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