Happy Birthday to My Sister!

One day, I slid into the front seat of the car after a day at preschool. (I’m showing my age here. In my time, little kids were allowed to ride in the front seats of cars). Anyway, I got into the front seat and started telling my mom about my day at school. Then I heard a noise from the back seat. It was my baby sister. I had completely forgotten about her existence. And I was struck with the heavy thought, “She’s always going to be here.” I pictured myself as an old woman, the first time in my young life it occurred to me that I would someday get old. I pictured my sister as an old woman, too. She’s always going to be here.

A sibling is a complicated gift. It is only now, as an adult, that I have come to appreciate what a tremendous gift a sibling really is. I think siblings are our true life partners. Older generations die, friends drift apart, and romantic relationships end. But a sibling is there from the beginning and, God willing, will be there until the end.

So, Happy Birthday, Kris! I’m glad to have you as a life partner.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to My Sister!”

  1. Aw thanks big sis!!! Our relationship has definitely changed over the years (for the better of course), and I am glad I will always have you until the end!!

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