Friday Gratitude: Reading, Friends, Yoga

On this day last year, I was on a plane heading to Las Vegas to spend the weekend with five of my best girl friends. Now, that’s the proper way to say goodbye to someone who is leaving for the Peace Corps!


Media consumption this week:

After re-reading To Kill A Mockingbird, I downloaded Go Set A Watchman (Harper Lee’s second book) from the Chicago Public Library. I was surprised I didn’t have to wait for it, given that it’s a relatively new release.

Well, it is flipping terrible. About 1/4 of the way through, I emailed a friend and was like, “OMG, THIS IS SO BAD.” For her, the terribleness of Watchman confirms Truman Capote wrote Mockingbird, and not Harper Lee. I, too, am beginning to see the merit in that old conspiracy.

The book is so bad, I started taking note of my favorite terrible sentences. Here are two:

“Jean Louise was snatched from her quiet realm and left alone to protect her sensitive epidermis as best she could.” (Has a clunkier sentence ever been written?!?)

“She … sat gazing at her long legs, startled to find them twenty-six years old.” (HUH?)

I usually don’t finish books I don’t like. But I forced my way through this one. Ugh, so bad.


I am going to a yoga festival here in Kosovo this weekend. I am looking forward to yoga, seeing friends, and visiting a Kosovar city I have not yet been to. (Although yesterday, I was doing yoga in socks with treads, and I kicked a gouge in my mat. I am mad at myself.)

In other bad news, I over-plucked my eyebrows, and I heard that Sweet Bean Bakery is now closed.

But, it was a good week. Really! I’ve been crocheting a ton. I haven’t posted pictures because I am making gifts for people and don’t want to spoil any surprises. And did I mention I am going to a yoga festival? Woo hoo! Have a great weekend, everyone!

Next week: I am going to post only 3x (Mon, Wed, Friday). I want to see how this will affect my blog stats/overall readership.

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