Friday Gratitude: So It Goes

Hello, Everyone. TGIF. This week has been full of ups and downs … power outages and an argument with Peace Corps staff had me down. But, the end of the week had some upturns, so let’s focus on that:

  • I am going to be working with KosovaLive (where I did this presentation) a few days per month, proofreading articles that have been translated from Shqip (Albanian) to English. I love their organization and am happy to be volunteering with them more regularly.
  • I started teaching at the orphanage yesterday (I’ll be teaching there every Thursday). The students are middle school age and we had fun. 🙂
  • FINALLY, the grant money came through! As in, I literally have it in my hands! (Well, not this second, seeing as how I am typing.) This project has been a headache from start to finish. I’m so glad it is almost over.


Processed with MOLDIV
A recent photo of me, in Peja

Media consumption this week …

  • I read Best American Short Stories of 2011. Again, why the year 2011? As I mentioned in Wednesday’s post, it was available through the Chicago Public Library as a free download. I skipped one or two stories I didn’t like, but overall, they were delightful. I should read more short stories.
  • I read My Horizontal Life, by Chelsea Handler. It was a funny, easy read.
  • After reading something I wrote, an acquaintance told me my writing style reminds him of Aimee Bender. I had never read Aimee Bender, so I downloaded The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake. I didn’t connect with the characters, and I thought the ending was not enough of a pay-off … it turns out, three members of one family have extra-sensory powers. But none of them accomplishes anything of note. Eh …


Today, I am going to Pristina to get my second-year temporary residence I.D. I have to get a new photo taken, and I’m a little sad because I like my current photo. I think I look like a Bond Girl:

[Side story: My Illinois driver’s license had one of the best photos ever taken of me. People would comment on what a good photo it was. Then, when I moved to Massachusetts, the DMV made me turn it over to be destroyed. I’m STILL mad about it, and that was nine years ago … ]


When I went home this summer, I bought a couple U.S. wall maps at Dollar Tree. Now, they hang in my village schools in Kosovo. 🙂



I got two pieces of mail this week!

And …


(Katie, to answer your question … I love New Orleans, but I have my heart set on returning to Vegas once I finish PC. 🙂 )

Next week, I’ll be attending a week-long mid-service Peace Corps training. (I’ll be posting here regularly, though.) I am looking forward to seeing everyone in my cohort. Happy weekend!

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