Happy Birthday to my Parents

Today is my dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Last week was my mom’s birthday. And I forgot. 😦 This is the first time in my life I have ever forgotten her birthday. My only excuse is that I was busy at a conference.

During the conference, we participated in a reflection exercise where we had to consider who has been most influential in different aspects of life. My exercise partner and I both said our parents have been major influences on us, and that furthermore, we couldn’t think of anyone else who has had as much of an impact on our lives.

Do you think the reflection exercise jolted my memory? Like, oh hey, this person who has had a major influence on my life HAD A BIRTHDAY TWO DAYS AGO THAT I FORGOT? Nope.

It wasn’t until I was talking to my mom and she casually mentioned her birthday dinner that I was like, “Oh, NO! Your birthday!”

So, Mom, I am sorry. (This is even worse because I kept reminding myself this week is Dad’s birthday. How did I forget your birthday is the week before his?)

I hope you both had/have very happy days! And this time next year, I hope I am with you to celebrate in person! xo

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