Friday Gratitude: Red Rover, Red Rover, Send October Right Over

The busyness of last week (conference week) spilled over into this week: Saturday I presented at KETNET; Monday morning, my school hosted a “Day of Health” as part of our grant agreement (more on that project later); Monday afternoon, I went to an event at Kosovalive (I’m the one in blue, below); and Thursday was my second time teaching at the orphanage.


Also, as a nice surprise, the care package my best friend sent seven months ago finally arrived! (By far, this is the longest a package has taken to get to me.)

Thanks to her and a care package from my parents, my snack hoard is back up to snuff. 🙂


However, don’t be discouraged if you would like to send me a package! I updated my wishlist (see blog sidebar) with a few items I could use this fall.

Media consumption this week …

  • I finished I’d Know You Anywhere. The premise was interesting (a woman is contacted by a man who had kidnapped her when she was a teenager; he is now on Death Row), but the characters were wooden. And after a lot of build-up, the ending fell flat.
  • Sunday, I wasn’t feeling well, so I spent the day in bed watching Broad City and finishing The Woman Upstairs. I liked the book at first, but slowly grew to dislike the main character. This book keeps with the theme of other books I’ve read this year, which is basically that if you’re a middle-aged woman, no matter what happens to you in life, you are bound to be dissatisfied. Ugh.
  • I read Truth and Beauty, Ann Patchett’s non-fiction account of her friendship with writer Lucy Grealy. This book was gorgeously written and one of my favorite things I’ve read all year.

Happy weekend! Talk to you on Monday.

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