Friday Gratitude: If You’re Reading This, I’m in Sweden!

Hallå! I am in Gothenburg, Sweden right now!

This trip has been the wind in my sails over the last few months. I’m a fan of singer/songwriter/guitarist Jose Gonzalez, and on a whim, I started poking around his website to look at his concert dates. I saw he was playing in Gothenburg, Sweden (his home city), and so I started thinking about a trip to Sweden. As luck would have it, I found a cheap flight ($109 USD) for a quick, two-night trip, and so I booked it!

My funds and my travel time are limited at this point, but I can think of nothing else in the world I’d rather be doing than attending a Jose Gonzalez concert in Sweden. 🙂 The concert is tonight!

I know from my own research and from talking to others who have traveled to Sweden that it is an expensive place to visit. As you can see, my goals are pretty modest.


Gothenburg is Sweden’s second-largest city (after Stockholm) and is situated on a branch of the North Sea called Kattegatt. If I take a picture of the water I don’t know that it’ll technically count as the North Sea, but I’m going to call it that. 🙂

Stay tuned next week! I’ll be posting more about my trip.

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