Friday Gratitude: i Shkurtër

It has been a good, easy week (love those) so this week’s recap is short …

Media consumption this week:

  • Since I’ve lived in Kosovo, I’ve read three historical fiction novels set in the WWII time period. I just read The Nightingale, and it was my favorite (the other two being All the Light We Cannot See and The Book Thief).
  • I watch plenty of videos on YouTube every week (mostly yoga, music performances, and sleep aids), and I rarely post about them. But, I found this video to be particularly interesting. Though the context is leadership (yuck), I think these tips can apply to other areas of life. I am trying to get into the habit of writing every day. A point made in the video is this: if you brush your teeth once, it will do nothing for you. But if you brush your teeth every day, the consistent behavior will keep your teeth healthy. Same thing with working out — do it once, no difference. Do it every day, and eventually you’ll get into shape. I began to think about how to apply this to writing. I can’t sit down and write a novel in one day, but if I write a little every day, I will eventually have a novel.
  • I had the chance to go to the movies Thursday night. I saw The Killing of a Sacred Deer. It’s been getting a lot of critical praise. I am not entirely sure why. The dialogue is flippin’ terrible. (Maybe it’s supposed to be a commentary on the falseness/woodenness of contemporary American ideals … or maybe it is just bad writing.) Minuses: aforementioned bad dialogue, characters were largely unlikable (seems to be a Nicole Kidman theme), very slow moving in the beginning. Pluses: creative premise once the movie got to the point, disturbing/thought-provoking ending.
chi-chis salsa cup
It is a sad day when the salsa runs out, my friends …

Talk to you on Monday! 🙂

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