Looking at the New Year

I’m back to blogging after a two-week break! Did you miss me? 😉

Happy New Year! I spent the evening at home with my host family, drinking wine and eating a lot of food, including homemade cheese and two pieces of my host mother’s Tres Leches cake!

People have been asking me what I plan to do once I finish the Peace Corps this year (!!!), so I made a video to share my goals with you.

Goals 2018 from April G on Vimeo.


P.S. Thanks for the necklace, Aunt Tina! I wear it all the time and always get compliments on it! (Though I wish it were more visible in the video.)

I had an important thought I forgot to mention in the video, so I will share it here. Anyone can go on an adventure. Yes, there is legwork involved. You have to quit your job, pack your stuff, etc. But anyone can do it. I think the more challenging thing is to take what you learn from your adventure and apply it to your regular, non-adventure life when you return. As I transition from my life as a Peace Corps volunteer back into my “normal” life, I want to be mindful of the lessons I’ve learned here.

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