Friday Gratitude: The Last Semester

I started the week with a typical vacation “hangover,” meaning I was feeling blue about returning to work and Kosovo after spending time in London and then Serbia. However, I am happy I started my last semester of teaching! šŸ™‚

Media Consumption this week …

  • I finished re-reading books 4, 5, and 6 of Harry Potter.

I’ve been feeling all Blanche DuBois lately, as I have had to depend on the kindness of strangers:

  • The bus ride to Serbia made several stops. At one station, I got off the bus to use the bathroom. Well, it was a pay toilet and I didn’t have any Serbian money. The money collector actually turned his back on me when I tried to offer him Euro. Then, another woman joined the line behind me. I explained my predicament to her, and she paid for me to use the bathroom.
  • When I turned down my road on Tuesday, I came upon a dog. Several months ago, I was almost attacked by a stray dog on my road, so I have been particularly wary of dogs since then. I turned around and walked the short distance back to the main road. A man walking by saw me pick up the rock, noticed the dog, and then he also picked up a rock and walked me all the way down my road until we safely reached my house.

I am grateful to have more Dunkin’ Donuts coffee! Sierra spent Christmas in the States and brought us presents! (You know you’re getting old when coffee, thermal socks, and floss excite you.) Thanks, Sierra!

grown up gifts.jpg
Grown-up Christmas gifts

You know what’s awesome? When your care package arrives on a day when you were at the Peace Corps office anyway … it’s only happened to me twice. Yesterday, I got this awesome care package from Whitney:

peace corps kosovo care package

The package contains basically everything I could ever want: chips and salsa, Annie’s mac and cheese, my face cleanser kit, a tote bag for my yarn, a Hello Kitty crochet book (WHAT!?), Hershey’s and Reese’s candy, Muddy Buddies, and TWO board games (Clue and Sorry … I cannot wait to play these with my 13-year-old host cousin!)

Thank you so much Whitney! (Here is a close-up of the Hello Kitty crochet book. OMG, two greater mediums could not exist.)

hello kitty crochet book

I also got cards from my friend Katie and my uncle. I am feeling extra loved and adored this week. šŸ™‚ Thank you, everyone!

Happy weekend! Monday’s post will be all about my trip to Belgrade, Serbia, so stay tuned! šŸ™‚

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