I Visited a Mosque

One thing I wanted to do while living in Kosovo was to visit a mosque. Though Kosovo is a predominately Islamic country, I live in a Catholic village and we don’t have a mosque, so I hadn’t been to one. I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know the rules for someone who 1) is a woman and 2) isn’t Muslim. I asked a local and he suggested covering my head as a sign of respect and taking care not to visit during the daily call to prayer times. Otherwise, he said visiting should be fine.

I’d seen this mosque in Pristina (pictures below) from the outside and decided that it was the one I’d visit. I covered my head with my scarf and took off my shoes (though I think that has more to do with culture and less to do with religion) before I went inside.

mosque 1.JPG
Outside view
mosque ceiling
Entrance ceiling
mosque light
mosque 2
My friend said only old mosques have corners like these and that they are probably used for prayer because the walls are thick.

It was dark inside the mosque and when I got home, I discovered most of my pictures were too dark or blurry to post. 😦

Here is a previous picture I had posted of the outside of a mosque and it is one of my favorite photos I’ve taken in Kosovo.

2 thoughts on “I Visited a Mosque”

  1. It’s not necessary to wear a scarf when you go to a mosque. If you however want to participate in the prayer, it’s mandatory that a headscarf is worn. The shoes are required to be taken off in mosques due to cleanliness reasons – the people who pray in mosques will put their foreheads on the floor, so the requirement to keep shoes off is to avoid the carpets getting dirty. Actually the reason why it is cultural issue in Kosovo to take shoes off when entering a house is mainly because of the mosque “rule”. The most beautiful inner designs of mosques that I’ve seen in Kosovo are in Prizren however, so next time you’re there, you should (if you want) visit the one that’s close to the water fountain. It has some lovely designs inside. I liked your photos very much! 🙂

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