Friday Gratitude: Simple Life

“I’m a year ahead of myself these days
And I’m locomotive strong.”
— Elton John / Bernie Taupin (Simple Life)

A friend who is extending asked me what I will miss about Kosovo. I will miss the simplicity of life here. Case in point: I called AT&T this week to look into getting wifi at my parent’s house when I return there this summer. It took fifteen minutes to get two questions answered: 1) Do you provide service at this address? and 2) How much will it cost? Twice I asked for a number to call back when I am ready to order service and the customer service rep wouldn’t give it to me because I really needed to order it NOW in order to take advantage of THIS SPECIAL OFFER. I eventually hung up on the ho.

I’d like to point out that I have wifi at my house in my tiny village in Kosovo (but my parents in a semi-rural part of Michigan don’t have it). And wanna know how much I pay to have data on my cell phone? 3 Euro per month. I am not looking forward to a $60+ monthly phone bill when I return to the States, plus $100 per month for Internet.

(That’s another thing I’ll miss about Kosovo: how inexpensive life here is.)

I was invited to an impromptu dinner with friends on Wednesday night. It was nice to do something different from my usual weekday routine and I got to spend some time in my favorite city.


Here’s my media consumption for the week …

  • I found a copy of Precious by Sapphire (2009-10-20) at the Peace Corps library. I’d seen the movie Precious, which is based on the book, when it came out to theaters. The book was just as powerfully sad. 😦
  • I read The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarity (she also wrote “Little Big Lies”). This is a story of, well, a husband with a terrible secret. I found myself disliking the book’s surviving victim, but I liked the other characters and their interwoven stories.
  • I watched a zillion episodes of Frasier.

Also, I forgot to mention this on a previous post but when I got back from vacation, I had a care package from my parents AND one from my friend. 🙂 ! (I’ve already eaten ALL of the snacks from both packages … help.)

I pass this church every time I take the bus into the city and I always wish I could visit it and take photos … I think I’d need a car to get there, though. I keep thinking maybe someday I’ll hire a cab to take me.

church on a hill kosovo
A view from my bus window.

Happy weekend. XO

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