Hello, Goodbye from Washington, D.C.

I made it to D.C. last night! I arrived 3 hours late, waited 30 minutes for the free airport shuttle (now that I’m in the Peace Corps, I have to be frugal), wolfed down an overpriced and under-satisfying meal at the hotel restaurant (so much for frugality), and managed to swim at the hotel pool for 20 minutes before it closed.

Did I mention I also wrangled 118.5 lbs of luggage by myself? I didn’t even use a cart! I just bungee-corded my carry-on suitcase on top of one of the larger ones, and dragged everything behind me. It was a Herculean feat.

My parents drove me to the airport yesterday. My dad drove around the airport in circles while my mom helped me haul my luggage to the United counter. When we hugged goodbye, I said, “Thanks for not crying.” She said, “Of course. I’m excited for you.”

I don’t have kids, so I can’t imagine how it feels to put one on a plane, knowing you won’t see her for a long time. But my parents have been nothing but supportive. After my mom and I parted ways, I couldn’t stop looking over my shoulder at her. Mommy. 😦

Now I’m off to the airport again, to officially register for the Peace Corps and get back on a plane. The next time I post, it’ll be from Kosovo.



Hello from … Harrisburg, PA

Hello from the lovely green and forested Harrisburg, Pennsylvania! What am I doing here? Well, my flight to D.C. was grounded due to bad weather. Over 100 lbs. of my most important possessions are stashed in the belly of a plane … A plane I’m not currently sitting on. (I’m in the airport.)

I had grand plans for my first post. I’d be sitting in my hotel room in D.C., ready to write a thoughtful post about how it feels to leave my family and friends, and join the Peace Corps. Instead, my mind is on travel logistics. What if we don’t make it to D.C. tonight? What if I (or my fellow Peace Corps volunteers, who are flying in from all over the States) miss our flight to Kosovo tomorrow? What if the airline loses my luggage? (My phone charger is stupidly packed in one of my checked bags.)

I keep reminding myself that if the U.S. government wants me in Kosovo, they will figure out a way to get me there. Until then …I’ll just sit here.