Stuff You Should Buy If You Plan to Serve in Peace Corps Kosovo

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[Above: This power strip works with both European and American plugs. It is the single most useful thing I brought with me to Kosovo.]

learn Albanian

[I practiced Albanian with these language CDs before moving to Kosovo.]

Tim judah

[This is a fairly short read that provides a comprehensive view of Kosovo’s history.]

[Be sure to bring an external hard drive to store music, movies, and pictures.]

jam speaker.jpg
[A portable speaker is a great way to play music for your students.]



[Looking for a gift for your host family? A United States puzzle map is great because 1) It is an activity you can do together even if there is a language barrier. 2) Your host family can learn something about the United States.]

flag stickers.jpg

[American flag stickers make great gifts for your host family and for students.]

flash cards for young kids.jpg

[I use these flash cards with my students all the time.]

laundry bag

[A portable laundry bag: Because why put your dirty clothes on the floor? I didn’t pack one and it is something I regretted.]


[A raincoat is an easy thing to pack and you will need it.]

hiking boot

[Invest in a solid pair of waterproof hiking boots.]


**For more ideas, see my packing list and a list of suggestions from other volunteers.**