Teaching for the First Time

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My fellow teacher trainees

My Peace Corps assignment in Kosovo is to Teach English as a Foreign Language. As part of our practicum, we ran a free, 6-session English summer camp over the last two weeks. We were broken into groups of 3 to 4 trainees, and had to come up with lesson plans for each day. My group was assigned grades 3rd-5th.

I had no actual classroom experience prior to last week. I spent a semester in college volunteering at my university’s Literacy Center, and ended up tutoring a man from China. I also spent 6 months as an undergraduate tutoring a 4-year-old boy with autism. And, as a social worker, I’ve run therapy groups with adolescents. Finally, I bought a Groupon and completed an online TEFL certificate course prior to applying for the Peace Corps. All of this to say, I have related experience, but had never actually taught.

I had a lot more fun than I expected to. The kids were surprisingly well-behaved and eager to learn. My group taught lessons on animals, colors, shapes, numbers, time, days of the week, months of the year, and seasons.

I will move to my permanent site after swearing in August 19, and school starts the first of September. I am both nervous and excited to begin working with my counterpart in the classroom.

In related news, my drawing ability has marginally improved.

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