July Landscape

I am doing a photo project where every month, I post a photo that captures the spirit of that month. Here is July’s photo:

July landscape.JPG

I took this from the balcony of an Airbnb in Pristina. (Which makes this the third “balcony photo” of this series.) I imagined doing more travel this summer, but it looks like my visit to the United States was my big trip for the season. I sat down with an Excel spreadsheet and figured out how many vacation days I have left. As a refresher, I went to Tirana, Albania last November (which counted as a business trip, so I did not have to use vacation time), Paris/London in December, Rome/Berlin/Budapest in April, and the U.S. in June. I have plans for a big trip this Christmas, and (hopefully) for spring break 2018. This means I only have 6 free vacation days. So, given that I only have a little time left, and that I need to save money for my bigger trips, it doesn’t look like I’ll be traveling again this summer. And I’m fine with that … there are places in Kosovo I’d like to explore, and weekend getaways in Pristina are nice.

February Landscape

If I could only use one word to describe February, it would be “brown.” The ridiculously cold and snowy January we experienced here in Kosovo suddenly gave way to almost springlike weather. We had pouring rain and lots of mud. Yesterday, I sat at an outdoor cafe without my coat.

I took this photo from the balcony of my hotel room in Pristina, during my stay for a Peace Corps conference. (Last month’s photo was taken from the balcony of my host family’s house. I guess I like balcony photos.)